Canadian Estate Planners Interviewed in Florida

Tell us about the seminars you hold for Canadians in Florida each winter:

"We find there is a very real need for this information here", said Kenneth Cassis, of London, Ont., President of The Canadian Estate Planners Inc.

"The rules are always changing, so many people with significant assets are looking for someone to help them understand how they will be affected. We explain how to make sure the right people get what you intend -with the least costs, tax, and turmoil for the family."

"Successful Canadians are very busy while they are at home. But down here, people seem to have more time to relax and reflect on larger issues such as their family, and the future of their estate" said Michael Evers of Hamilton, the V.P. of Operations.

"Almost every parent worries about equalization, spendthrifts, marital stability, taxes, etc."

"We try to give everyone an entertaining and educational look at the serious - but preventable problems that face Canadian families with substantial American assets." "We talk about the impact this can have on your family. We also show how to reduce or prevent many of these situations with proper planning", added Cassis.

"For the last few years we have spent a lot of time talking about the new programme we developed to help Canadians reduce their exposure to the United States Estate Tax"

"This exciting new development took us about twelve years to bring to reality. But now that it's here, our clients and their tax advisors are very excited about it. It can reduce, or eliminate their Estate Tax liability in a very practical and efficient way." Evers added.

"It has become recognized by the big legal and accounting firms as a very elegant solution to a difficult and complex problem."