Our Role as Estate Planners

The primary focus of The Canadian Estate Planners Inc. is preventing and resolving problems that can fracture and destroy a family - even the oldest, wealthiest, or most famous families in Canada. We specialize in working with successful families who own a winter home in Florida.

Many of the problem-solving strategies that we've developed for the "very wealthy" - can now be effectively utilized in the medium-to-large sized estate. Our success as problem solvers for families with significant assets is based on our many years of specialization; and our strategic alliances with leading estate lawyers and accountants in both countries.

We are intimately familiar with the unique "family situations" that can occur; and how best to deal with them. We understand from experience the personality issues, the family dynamics, the stresses, and conflicting agendas that frequently appear behind closed doors. We respect how valuable Trust is to these relationships.

We know exactly which questions to ask. And we are experienced enough to understand what the answers really mean. When planning for the continuity of your family's well-earned assets - Experience Really Does Matter.

Many successful people fail to plan. Not because the laws aren't available... but because they haven't found the right team of specialists. Experienced Professionals who understand them, and their unique family values. Who can communicate, design, and implement a highly effective Estate Plan. Using the most creative strategies, and the most effective tax and legal opportunities.

This is why many well-known families, as well as many of the "anonymously wealthy" have come to The Canadian Estate Planners Inc. for help.

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