Common Estate Planning Questions
  1. Can we reduce or eliminate our USA Estate Tax exposure? How?
  2. Will there be enough Liquidity in my Estate to cover all of our taxes, obligations and bequests? (Lack of Liquidity is the Most Common Cause of Estate Problems).
  3. Which assets would I want my heirs to sell to pay my final taxes?
  4. How can we treat all of our children equally when some of our major assets aren't easily divided? (Florida home, cottage, business, etc.)
  5. We're both on second marriages. Can we arrange it so that when one of us dies, the survivor can retain what we now have? How can we arrange it so that our assets will be divided fairly between our two families - without "starting a war" when we're gone?
  6. We've sold our business. Now our Holding Company just contains taxable cash.
    How can we remove this money - or pass it to our children tax-free?
  7. I am concerned with the future of our child's marriage. In the event of their break-up is there any way to keep our family's assets in the bloodline?
  8. How can we prevent our assets from being squandered by Spendthrift heirs?
  9. How can we keep a "certain relative" out of the Family Business when I die?
  10. I know that if I leave my RRIF to charity, I'll get a nice tax break. Is there a way that we can arrange it, so there is also more money left for our family? How?
  11. When I die my partners are supposed to buy my shares. What will happen to my wife if the bank restricts the company's credit? What if they are unable to continue paying her? Is there a way we can prevent this?
  12. How can we provide permanent support for a disabled family member in our wills - without jeopardizing his or her Government Pension benefits?
  13. The world economy scares me. Is there any way to get a better return on our investments - without taking on risk? How do we do this?